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Last night, I was halted in my tracks; I was stopped dead.

It was a typical, cloudy day in Alberta and night was upon me as I went on a sugar-craved Slushie run. After I left the convenient store, I crossed the nearest street and then was on a narrow path back to my house, then I looked up.

Dead center in my view was the big dipper. I stopped thinking. I stopped breathing. There were no clouds blocking those stars. The clouds were blocking out much of the sky and yet I had the perfect view of the dipper.

I was in complete awe of this beauty for many seconds. Something so far away and yet still so beautiful. So perfectly lined up for my appreciation and entertainment.

And I think to myself: How can people look at the stars and still wage war and chaos?

We are part of a gigantic cycle. Everything organic lives and dies. Trillions of cycles constantly fading in and out of existence, and yet only man tries to create his own warped destinies.

I’m all for self-control but how can a human see the stars and not think “I’m part of something much larger than myself” or “Everything is so spectacularly unique, why do I thrust my own ego and pride so greatly?”

The woes of the adult human are great, but in consideration of the universe, we are but a spec of dust. Why spend time concerning ourselves with the evils (ego, control, power, hatred,) when we have been blessed with the opportunity for such powerful happiness?